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Bhansali Wire Mesh is one of the leading Wire Mesh Manufacturers in India. We offer the best quality products at a reasonable price for our customers to make their work easier and more efficient. It is also one of the leading exporters of Wire Mesh, with a focus on high-quality products.

Bhansali Wire Mesh has made it its purpose to give creative solutions to consumers in the construction business who want long-lasting solutions. We provide speedy delivery dates and cheap costs to ensure client happiness. We are generally used to keeping things inside or outside, depending on how they're used.

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Bhansali Wire Mesh is a major Wire Mesh Supplier in India. Wire mesh for filtration, galvanised wire mesh for a security fence, welded wire mesh for animal control, and high-tension SS wire mesh are among the company's wire mesh products. Four distinct categories of square mesh are established by ASME 304 Wire Mesh, and they are based on wire diameter and mesh count. We are also a leading Perforated Sheet Manufacturer in India.

We design in all major grades of materials such as stainless steel wire mesh, inconel wire mesh, monel wire mesh, hastelloy wire mesh, duplex steel wire mesh, nickel wire mesh, titanium wire mesh, and cupro-nickel wire mesh that exhibit exceptional weight and corrosion resistance. We offer our ASTM 316 SS Wire Mesh that exhibits exceptional resistance to caustic alkalis at different concentrations and temperatures and ASTM 316 Wire Mesh is always important to assess the applicability of a specific with a thorough understanding of the corrosive environment.

Wire Mesh Specification, Available Size, Grade, & Standards

We provide the high quality DIN 1.4301 (AISI 304) and DIN 1.4401 (AISI 316) Wire Mesh to a variety of industries all over the world. The ASTM Wire Mesh Standard specifically oversees square wire mesh. Many stainless steel grades are used in the manufacture of wire mesh, with grades 316 and 304 being the most common. This stainless steel ASME 304 wire mesh is ideal for a range of general industrial applications such as process screening and sieving, filters, hydraulic filters, and plastic extrusion.

Wire Mesh Specification
Size Range 15 mm to 400 mm
Length 2 meters to 8 meters (8 feet to 26 feet)
Tolerance +/-1.00% OF SIZE - 15 MM TO 95 MM
Crack Test Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI)
4x4 0.018, 0.232, 86
5x5 0.018, 0.182, 83
6x6 0.016, 0.151, 82
8x8 0.011, 0.114, 83
10x10 0.010, 0.090, 81
12x12 0.009, 0.074, 80
14x14 0.008, 0.063, 79
16x16 0.007, 0.056, 79

Most Selling Types Of Wire Mesh

Bhansali Wire Mesh stands for quality and excellence. We are the leading wire mesh supplier in India. We have a strong network and the expertise to supply you with all types of products with quick delivery and the best pricing. Our ASME 304 wire mesh is useful for any machinery or production set-up. The mechanical strength of this stainless steel ASME 316 wire mesh allows for lighter construction, a more compact system design, and less welding and DIN 304 Wire Mesh is a great material choice for withstanding heavy impact and break-in attempts because of its qualities, particularly its high tensile strength & durability.

How can wire mesh be installed and maintained effectively?

Wire mesh can be effectively installed by first identifying the purpose and location of the SS Wire Mesh. Properly measuring the area and selecting the appropriate type of mesh are also critical steps. The mesh should then be carefully installed, making sure it is securely attached to its supports and free from any gaps or unevenness. To maintain the mesh, regular inspection and cleaning should be conducted to ensure it is free from debris, corrosion, or damage. To avoid further damage, make any required repairs or replacements as soon as possible. Applying a protective coating or treatment can also extend the lifespan of the wire mesh and enhance its performance.

Mechanical Properties of Wire Mesh

We are the leading Wire Mesh Mechanical Properties Experts. Our wire loops in many shapes, sizes and designs to meet your industry requirements.

Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Mo Ni N
304 min. 18.0 8.0
max. 0.08 2.0 0.75 0.045 0.030 20.0 10.5 0.10

Chemical Composition of Wire Mesh

Wire mesh Chemical Composition is a combination of different materials that can be used as a barrier to a room, warehouse, or building. The composition of wire mesh will contain metals, plastic, and wood.

Grade Tensile Strength (MPa) min Yield Strength 0.2% Proof (MPa) min Elongation (% in 50mm) min Hardness
Rockwell B (HR B) max Brinell (HB) max
304 515 205 40 92 201

Best Quality Wire mesh Manufacturers in India

Wire Mesh comes in many different shapes, sizes & Standards like ASTM, ASME, DIN but its most common form is a flat sheet of metal with holes punched out. The holes are often arranged in rows or grids, depending on the specific use. At our one-of-a-kind production plant, we manufacture and supply top-quality Wire Mesh in a variety of sizes and grades. Bhansali Wire Mesh is a well-known brand name all over the world,Grade 304 Wire Mesh has excellent corrosion, heat, & oxidation resistance and is one of the most widely used metal wires in the production of wire mesh. Because of its extremely affordable price, it is quite appealing. With the support of our in-house capabilities, we are also a High-Standard Perforated Sheet Supplier.

Wire Mesh Weight Chart
Mesh Size/Width (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Width (mm)
0.056 0.04 1000
0.16 0.08 1000
0.16 0.12 1000
0.2 0.16 1000
0.25 0.2/0.22 1000
0.32 0.16 1000
0.4 0.2 1000
0.4 0.25 1000
0.45 0.2 1000
0.5 0.2 1000
0.5 0.25 1000
0.5 0.3 1000
0.63 0.25 1000
0.63 0.32 1000
0.7 0.32 1000
0.8 0.32 1000
1.0 0.25 1000
1.0 0.32 1000
1.2 0.32 1000
1.2 0.4 1000
1.4 0.45 1000
1.8 0.7 1000
2.0 0.4 1000
2.0 0.5 1000
2.0 0.6 1000
2.0 1.2 1000
2.2 0.45 1000
2.2 0.7 1000
2.5 0.5 1000
2.8 0.9 1000
3.0 1.0 1000
3.2 0.8 1000
3.2 1.2 1000
4.0 1.0 1000
4.0 1.2 1000
4.0 1.6 1000
5.0 0.7 1000
5.0 1.2 1000
5.0 2.0 1000
6.0 1.2 1000
10.0 2.0 1000
12.0 2.0 1000
Bhansali Wire Mesh is a leading Wire Mesh Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter & Stockist in India.

What is Wire Mesh? What are their uses?

Wire Mesh is a type of fencing that is made from steel wire. Wire Mesh fences are often used to keep animals in or out, and they can also be used to stop erosion. Call +91 96196 12233 or contact info@bhansalisteels.com if you need a specific size, thickness, or coating on products.

Why Choose Wire Mesh from Bhansali

Bhansali Wire Mesh is a well-known Wire Mesh Manufacturer and Supplier of high-quality wire mesh. There are several reasons to choose wire mesh from Bhansali.The company offers a wide range of wire mesh products with different materials, shapes, standards like ASTM, ASME, DIN and grades like SS 304 & SS 316 to meet specific project requirements.Their wire mesh is manufactured using advanced technology and strict quality control measures, ensuring consistent quality and durability.Bhansali's wire mesh products are competitively priced, making them an affordable option for various applications. Fourthly, the company provides excellent customer service, including prompt delivery and technical support. Bhansali Industries is committed to sustainability and eco-friendly practices, ensuring that their wire mesh products are environmentally responsible. Overall, choosing wire mesh from Bhansali is a smart choice for those looking for high-quality, affordable, and sustainable wire mesh solutions.

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Wire Mesh Additional Information

  1. Payment Modes: LC (Letter of Credit), TT (Telegraphic Transfer or Wire Transfer), Cheque, and others
  2. Packaging: Wire Mesh is packaged with caution and safety so they reach our client’s as good as they would expect. Packaging Charges Extra.
  3. Port of Dispatch: Mumbai or Kalamboli ports in the Maharashtra state of India.
  4. Tax: 18% GST

Wire Mesh Applications and Uses

Wire Mesh is utilized in a variety of industries worldwide. Bhansali Wire Mesh is known internationally for its quality of Wire Mesh that is used in different industries and applications.

  • Chemical / Petrochemical
  • Mechanical and Plant engineering
  • Food, Beverage, and Dairy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Civil engineering
  • Process Instrumentation

Client Project Report

Our Wire Mesh is of the highest quality, which is why our large customer adores them. Bhansali Wire Mesh's Wire Mesh is used in a variety of projects all around the world. We have regular Wire Mesh demand from clients in six different nations, and we export Wire Mesh to another 50+ countries.

Client Project Report
Wire Mesh Manufacturing Facilities Saudi Arabia
Monel Wire Mesh supply Oman
Steel Wire Mesh Kuwait
Stainless Steel 304 Wire Mesh Supply Qatar